Monday, April 17, 2006



I bought a Slinky the other day. One of the old fashioned, metal kind.

I haven't had one of those since I was 6. I warped the one I had then, using it as an escape ladder for my Masters of the Universe figures. You don't know childhood frustration until you've tried to extricate Stratos from the confines of the Castle Greyskull Slinky escape ladder without breaking those little plastic winglets on his arms.

Yep. I bought a Slinky the other day. I'd forgotten about the smell. The metal Slinky has a smell. A metallic smell, oddly enough.

What do you think they'd say if I called in, saying I'd gotten my Slinky caught in my hair? What if I reminded them that I bought the Slinky there at work, and that it was, as I saw it, mostly their fault?

Anyway. Working too much lately. Going to do it again this afternoon.

Slinky, or no Slinky.

(It's hit me that unless you know what a Slinky is, this could be a confusing post...)


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