Friday, May 26, 2006



If I ever find myself passing by a line of people, I often consider the consequences/benefits of running down that line, clotheslining everybody in that line.

Things I wonder:

1. How far down that line of people would I get before I ran out of momentum?

2. How many people would properly sell the thing?

3. How many would no-sell the move completely?

The caveat that I come up with is that if you no-sell the move, you have no legal recourse. You cannot press assault charges. You have issued a non-verbal challenge, and the only ways it can be met are as follows:

a.) I have to bounce off the ropes one more time, to attempt the clothesline once again, leading eventually to you clotheslining me, more than likely.


b.) A Test of strength, which would probably lead into a backslide pin attempt...

I prefer the first, in actuality. It is my biggest fear that I will be defeated with a well executed backslide....and only jobbers get beaten with the backslide....


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