Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thursday Miscellany

Thursday Miscellany

What up, G?

Just a couple notes:

Had a group meeting Monday for work, where we did some team-building and analyzed some data from the personality tests we took. Interesting? Out of all the possible outcomes, my District Manager and I fell into the same boat, personality-wise. I think it was more scary for him than it was for me to find that out....

Since I was so close to Atlanta, I wandered down and took in a couple Braves games. Was able to trade for a really great seat right behind homeplate, Tuesday night. Got to stare that crazy Dontrelle Willis delivery right in the face. Monday's game, not so good. Tuesday's 11-inning contest was quite enjoyable....

Got to meet the new kid over at Steven and Janet's house. He's a month old, and he's not mowing the yard yet? We can't mollycoddle these kids...


I think I'm gonna take a few more days break from the blog. Part of it's work...inventory's Monday, so I might have to be at work a little bit more these next few days. So, if I'm not posting, that's probably why....


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