Tuesday, January 30, 2007

In which Tommy unmuddies his mind

In which Tommy unmuddies his mind...

What the hell kind of world do we live in where The UnCouth Sloth's last post came sooner than my last one?

Good to have you back on the Sloth page, even if it's just a one shot.


Today (and really, the last couple of days) was just one of those days where everything I touched turned to shit. I couldn't touch anything with out breaking it and/or dropping it and/or knocking it over. I was tripping over my tongue all day. Every attempt I made at being funny/witty/whateverthefuck just made me look and feel stupid. If you asked me a question today, I answered it wrongly, and if you were looking to me to help fix a problem, I only made it worse.

It was one of those days where I did everything I could, and the effort just sucked. You have days like that, don't you? Don't you?!?!? Some days you get the bear, some days it gets you?

On those days, you just suck it up.

Last rule of thumb on those days:

Try not to fart, 'less you want to excuse yourself to a fresh wipe and a new pair of underwear.


Just a couple of links.

Here's Online Onslaught's Royal Rumble by the Numbers.

Just my views on the matches: Hardys/MNM was decent enough, and though I'd never thought I'd have wished for it, a revived tag-team picture would be really, really cool right about now. It'd be the best thing for MNM, neither of whom are really worth much in singles matches.

The ECW title match was bullshit, but that's par for the course with the WWE version of ECW. How the blue hell can an ECW match end in a countout? Bullshit.

(As an aside, in a perfect world, if you're so intent on making ECW the curtain jerk promotion, why not open the whole show with something like a RVD/C.M. Punk match, or the like? Really get the show started with a bang? Or would that underline the general lack of ability in the other performers in singles matches on the show, like Lashley, Test or Batista?)

The Smackdown title match wasn't bad, and I keep getting higher and higher on Ken Kennedy. I don't know that he'll ever pull off a workrate classic, but he's better on the stick than most.

Umaga and Cena was good, for what it was. Cena always goes, and I don't know why I hate him like I do, but it's there, same as my undying hatred of the otherwise tasteless and inoffensive califlower. It goes straight to my core, and there's little I can do to unmake it.

I enjoyed the Rumble match. A little paint-by-numbers, but on the whole, it was very satisfying. And I thought the last ten minutes with Undertaker and Shawn was just about as entertaining an end to a Rumble in several years...maybe since Davey Boy Smith and Shawn 11 or 12 years ago.

Which to me underlines part of the problem...Shawn and Undertaker, in 2007, are who's carrying the Royal Rumble? If you'd have told me in 1997 that those two would have done it again 10 years later, I'd have been weeping for the future.

Still, those two know how to tell a story, maybe better than anybody currently in the business.

On the whole, I liked the show. I think in the scheme of things, it'll be just an average show, but average is better than a lot of what the WWE has offered in recent months and years.


How much do I love my TiVo? Mythbusters was one of those shows I just caught if I flipped by it? Now I watch religiously. Because my TiVo thought I'd like it.

Plus? An episode of Jeopardy takes about 15 minutes to watch, once you take out Alex talking and interviewing the guests.


I'm writing, in spurts. I'm in a weird adolescent girl phase where I'm not comfortable letting people see the stuff that I write. I scream "It's personal" and stuff it under my bed when I'm done writing it.

But there is work coming. Probably everybody who read lost interest. But hopefully I can get people to read it, once I feel alright posting it.


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