Monday, May 28, 2007

Buy his book

Buy his book

Hey! I know your time is precious here on the interweb, and you've stepped out of the mists of the Googleverse looking for pictures and measurements of Tommy Lee's cock, and before you starting mucking headlong into the world wide web, I want you to help a brother out.

Click on that link. Buy Elisson's book. He's a cool guy with an excellent blog. Check out his foray into the paperized publishing world.

What were you going to do with that money, anyway? Buy a dime bag? Pay for a subscription to a site with many pictures of many rock stars' private parts? Fix the transmission on the car?

Pfft. That's crazy talk.

Throw your money at something worth your while.

Buy his book.

Failing that, throw the money at me. I've already bought my copy. Need to pay for it now.

I'll dance for the money.

All sexy like.


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