Sunday, May 06, 2007

Spider-Man Trois

Spider-Man Trois

Wandered out to see the third Spider-Man flick today. I went for an action flick, and I figure that I enjoyed it, about the same amount that I enjoyed the first couple Spider-Man flicks, though I figure my ultimate response will be about the same: I saw it the first time, liked it, but don't figure I'll ever need to sit and watch it again.

Don't know why, but the Spider-Man movies don't engender that "need to watch it over and over" response in me. Sam Raimi movies do that. Even the ones I thought were really friggin' cool, like Army of Darkness....

So, we establish that Spider-Man 3 is no Police Academy 4.

Actually, two more thoughts:

This was definitely the most "Dawson's Creek" of all the Spider-Man movies.

And: I was a little disappointed with the relative lack of screen time for Venom. I thought his was the best part of the flick, and this is coming from a guy who found the comic character nearly as worthless as Snapper Carr. The lack of screen time here made me think that the franchise is wandering into Batman movie territory, where the screen is crowded with too many characters, with not enough time for characterization given.

I have little else to say about the movie itself. If you liked the first two, you'll probably like this one.

I will finish this post by linking to something Bill wrote around the time of the second Spider-Man flick, concerning the actions of the car salesman ostensibly in charge of baseball. One of the funniest things he ever set to paper....

(Also, Steve Silver had a thought or two, and he beat me to the Batman comparison by a couple hours....)


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