Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sunday thoughts....

Sunday thoughts....


1.) Have I ever mentioned how Comcast sucks? Seriously. I've been a little busy this week with work and real life, but there were a couple of sizeable gaps in my internet connectivity this week, and that bugs me. At least it wasn't like the last time, where one of the neighbors had tried to splice into my cable connection. But serioulsy, how am I supposed to look at internet porn blog and look at baseball statistics if I don't have a decent internet connection?

2.) We had grocery inventory last week. If you have the opportunity, I'd skip it.

3.) Went out last night for an evening of Indian food and a flick. Wandered away from my normal Korma, and took in some Mangoed Lamb. Very, very tasty...

4.) Also saw the Flick Year of the Dog, which I liked when we were done, and like even more this morning. Molly Shannon's performance kicks a lot of ass--every now and then a role and a performance comes a long that reveals that a lot of humor comes from a dark place, for both character and performer. I saw a little bit of that in this flick, especially at a Christmas scene involving Molly and Laura Dern.

5.) I ate two (2) Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuits for breakfast. I brought them home and put a tomato on them. Because I like to work as many food groups into one greasy-ass sandwich as possible.

6.) Pictures from my stroll this morning:

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Nothing gets the blood flowing like a little rebellion against unjust political machines. There's a book or two floating around about it. I keep meaning to wander over to Village Book Shop to get a copy, but I'm usually distracted by all the candy rattling around in my brain.

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I like to think of this as Eastern philosophy and Western Commercialism coming to meet right in the Buckle of the Bible Belt. I like to think that, because it bothers me to think that the Religious Right is building an army of ninjas.

If this page had an IMBD "Mistakes" or "Bloopers" section, it would say that: if you look close in the picture of the Oneheart Dojo you can see the cameraman reflected in the window.

But we all know this blog is pretty much one long blooper section.

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