Thursday, May 31, 2007



Good evening from the drought stricken wilds of East Tennessee, where smoke from the various brush fires about the area cover the area with a thin blanket of smoke.

Seriously. It's not rained for (I'm thinking) weeks around these parts. I don't even have a smartass comment to give over the matter.

The Grass is DYING!!!!!

There is only clover to mow.Dabney Coleman was a superhero

As an aside, I think "Clover to Mow" would be a good name for a racehorse. As would "Big Stupid Tommy," all you horsebreeders out there. It was much to my chagrine that I watched the first couple legs of the triple crown and saw that there was no "Big Stupid Tommy" horse running in either race.

The cartoon image I got in my head after that statement was one of me running down the stretch at Churchill Downs, carrying Bobcat Goldthwait to victory in the biggest horse race of the year.

Which reminds me: Have you ever gone back to watch a movie that you loved as a kid? Just a movie that you loved the absolute crap out of? That you watched over and over until the tape wore out, and you weren't able to see it again?

Did you ever go back, some years later, to watch that movie?

Were you shocked at what an absolute stupid shit you were? Were you appalled at your taste, or lack thereof, even at that early age? Have you watched that movie that you loved, and just said to yourself "How did I become a productive member of society after having watched that dreck 183 times?"

I'm glad that's not true with the movie Hot to Trot. Because that movie is fucking awesome!

How that movie didn't win the Academy Award that year for Best Picture, Actor and Director, I'll never know. I'll take it as the Academy's prejudice against comedies, John Candy, horse movies and the fact that you can't understand what friggin' Bobcat Goldthwait says. Ever.

I always enjoyed Bobcat's early movies, because it kinda left it open to interpretation just what Bobcat really was saying. You got to make up the story and dialogue as you went along.

Here's a little bit of trivia for you about the movie Hot to Trot, via the Internet Movie Database:

Tim Burton was offered the chance to direct this one, after Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. But he declined.

I guess there just weren't enough Daddy-issues loaded into the script of Hot to Trot to appeal to Mr. Burton.

Anyway. I hate puns, and I just now looked really closely at what Don the Horse is saying in the poster I've attached to this post. That really makes me mad, and I'd have expected more from a film that stars Dabney Coleman.

Anyway. Going to pinch this one off. Move on to better things. Besides, I gotta go piss like...some manner of animal...the metaphor eludes me....


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