Thursday, August 09, 2007

A few notes on the road trip.

A few notes...

I wandered back into lower east Tennessee today, after a few days out of town. A few quick notes:

1. Is there one Kentucky state trooper for every resident of the state? Jesus, you couldn't sling a handful of cat litter without hitting three state trooper cars either going up I-24 or coming down I-75. Are the state coffers that low? Since your old pal Big Stupid Tommy has had a couple of speeding occurrences in the past year, he's a little paranoid about the guys with blue lights and too much spare time. It might have cut a bit off my travel time were it not for those guys....

2. I hate the St. Louis Cardinals, right? They got a helluva a stadium, though. Great crowd. And after the game, I was out of the St. Louis metro within 10 minutes. Spiffy, huh? Atlanta, and another city I'll mention momentarily could take lessons.

3. The city of Cincinnati, Ohio could take a lesson on little things like: competence of staff directing traffic; having more than one lane of traffic on that one corner of the stadium leading away from the stadium; and (this one's important) having interstate directions signs that don't lie. Though I thoroughly enjoyed my trip back into Kentucky, I'd prefer it that if the sign says "To I-75," I'd like to end up somewhere near I-75 and not in the middle of a Old Fat Elvis Presley song.

4. I will admit some fault in that late night excursion through the streets of Cincinnati--if I'd just remembered the name of the road my hotel was on, I'd have realized that I travelled it for a couple miles before getting back on the interstate. If I'd just stayed my course for three or four more miles, I'd have ended up where I needed to be.

5. Next road trip, let's not pick the hottest fucking week of the year? I love baseball, but seeing a game at Busch Stadium and Great American with several thousand warm blooded mammals, in the midst of a 99 degree heatwave does not make for a completely comfortable or dry experience. (Damn, it was 99 at game time for the Cardinals and Padres, and 93 when the game ended at 10:00. How's that for bullshit?)

6. Ever consume something that you enjoyed from your youth, and find it awful, nigh undrinkable in your adulthood? I don't know who in their right mind would drink that foul monkey piss called "Big Red," though I remember enjoying it on many trips north to see family in my childhood.

More later. I'll close by saying that, as I pulled into my home town, that I kinda wish I'd hit one more stadium.

But there's always next road trip.


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