Saturday, August 04, 2007



Yeah. Let it be known far and wide that the Tommy who is the keeper of this humble site will not be working for the following week. Working, he says, is for suckers.

He plans on "maxin' and relaxin'" and he'd also like to note that he'd like to punch Will Smith in the eye for taking what he believes to be "his phrase" and not just using it, but pounding that sumbitch into the gray, salty earth.

There will be a road trip, small, though it is. He plans on taking in a major league game at three (and maybe four) stadiums across this great land of ours, thus doubling the number of stadiums he's seen games in, in one fell swoop.

There will also be the first trip of the season made up to Kodak, Tennessee, to see the Double A affiliate of his favorite professional baseball team (that team is not mentioned on the pages of this blog--it is the owner's narcissistic, nearly solipsistic belief that any mention of that team on the pages of this blog brings loss to his team. Scoff though you may, he has nearly completed a formula proving his hypothesis, and though he claims that such a mathematical theorem will bring him Millions of dollars, we here at the editorial offices of Big Stupid Tommy while having no doubt toward the veracity of his claim that his mere mention of a certain team from the midwest brings loss, we remain dubious as toward its money-making power....)

During this week, an effort will be made to catalog exactly which cards are needed to complete his set of 1985 Topps baseball cards. A concerted effort has been made of late to complete said set, the first set that Tommy collected as a child. It's an expensive set to complete, though he's already obtained the three prize cards of the set (the Clemens, the Puckett and the McGwire Olympic card....)

Let us take a moment here at the editorial offices of Big Stupid Tommy note that while it might appear that he is collecting "pictures of men," he believes that he is simply building upon a pastime of his youth.

He would like to note that he's got the odd habit of noting birthdates of those folks featured on that 1985 Topps set. And he's realized that not only is he collecting "pictures of men," he's collecting pictures of Old Men.

(or old pictures of this point, it's a really tiresome thing to if it's not hard enough to get a girlfriend without people throwing those specific words in that specific order around: Tommy collects pictures of men.

There's not much else to say in the land of Big Stupid Tommy (who is, in fact, several beers into his vacation at this point...and my he say: God Bless those folks at Rogue Breweries...they do some fine, fine work).....

He's on vacation, and he'd like to note that there's not a damned thing any one of you motherfuckers can do about it.

He would also like to laugh maniacally. But he's not quite gotten to that level of arrogance.



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