Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wednesday Thoughts

Wednesday Thoughts

Today's quote:

"Hey!!! Why the hell I like me some dog turd?!?!?"
---MC Pee Pants, making his Earthly return in the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie....


Remember that episode of Simpsons where Homer finds the box of detergent at the dump with his face used as a logo? That's close to how I felt when I found the blog Stupid Tom.

He's been at this even longer than I have. And I'm up there in blog years.

Will it change how I blog?

Maybe I should wear pants.


I take small issue with Channel 9's morning meteorologist and/or copywriter, who described this heat wave we're sloshing through down in this neck of the woods as "unseasonably warm."

Now, I like 104 and humid just as much as any self-respecting heavyset fellow, but if I was forced to guess just which season of the year we'd be getting 104 degrees, I'd have to guess "summer."

If it were January 28, and I looked on the internet to see a forecast high temperature of 104 degrees, I'd call that unseasonably warm. Then, I'd hunt down Al Gore, in the interest of beating him with a pillowcase full of doorknobs for inventing both Global Warming and the internet.

My point is, 100+ degrees is Hellishly Hot, but not unseasonable.

As such, I would like my TeeVee reporters to utilize the aforementioned descriptor.

As such, I'd like to hear the warning, as follows, "Folks: It's gonna be Hellishly Hot. Don't go outside unless you're fucked in the head."


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