Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Price is Right

Price is Right

Because I know you're all like me, and God help you for it:

First, I was wondering when the heck Drew Carey will take over for Bob Barker on the show. The new season begins October 15. That's when you'll see him.

Also, I've been wondering about a couple logistical issues with the show Price is Right. Namely, how do the people who win prizes on the show get their loot home? I mean, how exactly does Jolene from Bum's Rush, Indiana get her Gentleman's Chest and upright Galaga video game machine home to Indiana from sunny Southern California? What about a new car? Does Bobby Jean from Fartknocker, Kansas get to drive her brand new Ford Mustang across the country?

I'd assumed either they'd ship the junk, or deliver locally. Though I enjoyed the image of a recreational vehicle packed full of Price is Right merchandise.

Lastly, I'd assumed there are tax issues. It's why Wheel of Fortune had to stop having contestants bid on prizes at the end of each round, because people were going broke paying the taxes on their winnings.

Well, Price is Right's FAQ list answers all the questions. In short, turns out prizes are either shipped or picked up at a local dealer, if you live out in Buttface, Virginia.

And yeah, the folks are responsible for the taxes. I wonder if Clem from Peckerhead, Texas realizes that, when he's won a pool table, hot tub and a trip to Puerto Vallarta. I wonder how many folks have gone bankrupt.

I wonder if Bob Barker actually had to retire, for fear that a bankrupt old geezer from Dirty Underwear, Vermont, was going to come after him because he had to use his nest egg on the taxes for his Jeep Comanche.

I have no real way to close this post, but I enjoyed making town names up so much, I'll just write a few more:

Redd Foxx, Mississippi
Cameltoe, Colorado
Stinktown, Missouri
Flamula, Illinois
Derstrichtenberg, Pennsylvania
Helicopter, New Mexico
Wrongway, Oregon
Juanberenguerville, Michigan
Canada, Tennessee
Hepatitiston, Nebraska
Astrovan, New York
Cletus, Georgia
New Northeast Lower Faberbrook Metro, Ilinois


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