Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thoughts on a Sunday

Thoughts on a Sunday

Been muddling through the past couple of days with a cold I picked up at work. I don't know if everybody's workplace is like mine, but it seems like if one person gets sick, sooner or later, everybody's going to get sick with it. Maybe it's got something to do with the fact that we all wash out of one communal bowl. I got the idea from the movie Thirteenth Warrior. I thought it would increase camaraderie, but to this point, it's only increased the amount of illness and herpes.

Despite the cold, I headed down to Atlanta last night. Had a surprise Saturday off, and decided that it's so close to the end of the baseball season, might as well take advantage of the day.

Plus, the game had some divisional and playoff implications for the N.L. Central. The Brewers were in town, and any time they lose is of great help to another team whose name cannot be mentioned here.

Anyway. Got to see John Smoltz go into the sixth with a no-no. He ended up giving up two runs in eight innings, only to take home a no decision. I gotta wonder, even at 40 years old, with 20 years of professional baseball under his belt, if he doesn't sometimes watch the developing game in the hands of the bullpen, and have some small part of his brain just go completely insane....

Still, the Braves won in 11 innings. Good game. Enjoyed myself.

Gotta head to work later this afternoon, which doesn't please me so much.

Ever get that person who says to you "You should be happy you have a job?"

Want to punch that person in the mush? Or is that just me?

Yeah, working beats not working, I suppose, but only because Not Working's bullpen lets them down when it counts.

Anyway. Should get a couple more Quantum Leap posts up. Sheila's got a guide to where we both are at this point. I may watch a third episode this morning...

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