Friday, October 12, 2007

Harlan Ellison

Harlan Ellison

I don't elevate many people to "hero" status in life. If I hadn't yet done it (and Lord knows, I probably had), I have now, after reading this story, from L.A. Weekly.

The story itself is heart-wrenching.

I do believe in vampires. Maybe not the blood-sucking kind. But there are predators out in this world, who find a particular weakness, who find a way to exploit it, and live off the vitality of another person. And many do it for little more than their own idle fucking amusement. The woman in this story, is an example of that. The internet is just a powerful vehicle for that sort of monster, because they can hide behind the anonymity and vagueties of this medium, twisting truths and creating stories (and people), all for some purpose only they can decipher.

To me, it's just indicative that, if there was ever any question, there is such a thing as Evil in the world, and it comes in many forms.

Not to change the subject...

I was fortunate enough to meet Harlan a couple times. The last time, at Dragon Con in Atlanta, I met him while he waited for a room to empty for his panel to begin. He talked to me for a few minutes. It was a great coincidence--I was actually bummed because the Evil Hippy and I were having to head back up to Athens, and we were going to have to miss his panel. But I caught him drinking a bottle of water, waiting for a room to empty out.

I hate to bother people, but I never felt like I'd get the opportunity again in my life. I introduced myself.

And we chatted for a few minutes. I don't know how many a few is. It could have been 5. It could have been 1. It doesn't matter. It was one of those few moments in my life where I felt like I was exactly where I needed to be, at that place and time. He talked to me about writing, and about reading. He was tremendously nice to me, and I'm still astounded that I got that opportunity, in that crowded an environment.

Anyway. That was astounding reading, that link. A huge tip of the hat to Newscoma, for posting the link....


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