Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Re: Padres & Rockies

Re: Padres & Rockies

I tried going to bed once. Checked my XM. They were tied still in the 11th.

It's now the bottom of the 13th. Rockies have just tied it, and have two men on with no outs.

The fundamental baseball gods say that there is no good reason the Rockies should not win this game.

But Baseball, so often, ends up not falling back to the fundamentals.

That's why you watch....

And with a sac fly to right, the Rockies win.

Matt Holliday is hurt. What a great effort. It looked to me like he caught an elbow to the head (inadvertantly).

Replays show that he face-planted.

Boy, the Padres have a gripe and a half. What was Tim McClelland waiting for, if not for Holliday to try to tag the plate? Holliday never touched it.

Still, the Rockies had a dinger taken away (to me, it cleared the yellow line). They got this run back. But boyohboy will the Padres have a gripe.

More ammo for the instant replay fucktards.

Anyway. I'm gonna be worth shit tomorrow at work, and I just watched two teams duke it out that I'm possibly going to be rooting against in 9 days time.

But this is what it's all about.



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