Tuesday, November 13, 2007



It being 12:27, we're now officially on the Fifth Anniversary of this little blogamathing I like to call a hobby.

Damn, dude. I've been doing this, like, a sixth of a my life.

Got to meet a goodly number of cool people. Got to learn and talk about a couple things I might not normally have been exposed to. I've managed to overcome my issues with the homophonic discord betwene the words right and write. And I once had a picture of Bubba Smith on my sidebar, which led more than one reader to think that I was a 6'7" black guy.

I am only 6'4."

Anyway. I was sitting here watching this past week's Family Guy on Tivo, and they just used the ending I was going to use for this post...I was going to announce that the entire past year has been a dream. But once again, Seth McFarland beat me to that particular schtick.

So, thanks for reading.

One administrative note: It's looking like NaNoWriMo isn't going to make it for November.

I'm going to re-start the novel process after Thanksgiving. I'm working pretty much all mornings up until the holiday, and that's when I do my writing. So, look at the end of the month for me to regroup and attack this booger once again.....


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