Monday, December 03, 2007

Evolution/Revolution, part 5

Evolution/Revolution, part 5

Well, I don't really have a stopping point to emphasize what my blog has become in 2007, some 5 years after the fact.

I was talking with Shyam about it, over lunch. For the most part, the intent of this blogamathing is still the same now, in 2007 as it was 5 years ago. It's an attempt to get myself to write. And to that point, it does its job for the most part.

It's where I go when I want to curse about Bud Selig, or whatever stupid the Cubs have done lately. I come here to blab about movies. If I've found something that's piqued my fancy, I can post it. Mostly, it' just whatever's leaking out of my head at that moment.

Luckily, it's mostly me trying to be a smartass or silly. I don't know if, outside of quantity, there's a big difference in what comes down in 2007 as it did in 2002.

More than anything, it's just an online extension of the personality.

Most indicative?

I dunno. Maybe this, from July of this year...a brief musing on the nature of Optimus PRime...


In my post Sunday, I said: "If I were to take the time to list all the people, real or imagined, who upheld the ideals that I wish that I could uphold myself on a consistent basis, Optimus Prime would find his way to the top of that list."

I apologize for being vague in my statement, and would like to clarify just a touch:

I said that I'd like to emulate a person, real or imagined, who upheld the ideals I wish I could....

The ideals that Optimus Prime upheld: Quiet honor; a desire to protect; benevolent; the ability to educate; a belief in equality; the ability to transform into a transfer truck.

Now, if I had to rank those ideals, I would rank them thusly, from least to most important:

6. His Belief in Equality
5. Quiet Honor
4. Benevolent
3. The Ability to Educate
2. The Ability to Transform into a Transfer Truck
1. A Desire to Protect

It's a self explanatory list. That second item is really badass, especially since I have only been able to transform into anything twice in my life, and then it was only into a fire hydrant (first time) and into a dune buggy that broke down on Clearwater Road (second time).

And as it concerns the list of people who uphold ideals that I value, Optimus Prime ranks just behind two people in their ability to transform into vehicles: George F. Will (A-Team Van) and Eudora Welty (Orbiting Space Laser Platform).

So, there you go. My little exercise in navel comtemplation's done. I don't know that I'll tag anybody. If you feel like playing a long, give me a comment or shoot me an e-mail. Thanks to Tish, for tagging me.

I will say this, after five years, if I haven't yet: Grassy Ass for reading. It's been a good distraction, and I've enjoyed it. Got to meet a few of you along the way, and look forward to meeting a few more of you. I hope those sevens of you reading at home, or dicking around at work, get the same amusement out of it that I do.

So, again, thanks for reading. Now get back to work.


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