Sunday, December 02, 2007

Thoughts on a Sunday

Thoughts on a Sunday

Huh? Sunday?

Well, Tommy had the weekend off, which came as something of a surprise. A pleasant one. Not one like finding out not only that werewolves are real, but that your significant other is one, just before you're disappeared down the gullet of said werewolf, and your absence is referred to by the media simply as "another mysterious disappearance in East Tennessee."

Wandered up toward Knoxville for a little while yesterday. Needed to make sure I had some geat to properly attire myself for work. Needed to see if I could find a little Christmas giving inspiration in-store.

The work clothes? A problem fairly easily solved, though let me lament the fact that just when I thought it was hard enough to find clothes that a normal, 30-year-old white guy wants to wear, you know, out in public, I hadn't recently shopped at a clothing store the first weekend of the biggest gift-giving month out of the year. The laws of supply and demand were in active fluctuation this weekend. Cargo pants with hammer loops and pockets for your mp3 player? 3 for a dollar. A straight legged pair of khaki pants? Ask your server for a quote.

The stressful part of the trip done, I wandered toward Best Buy, to maybe find a couple gifting ideas. I did the bulk of my holiday shopping a month ago, a binge on getting it done. Those goods are currently sitting in the box they were shipped in, in my kitchen. And there they'll stay until December 24th, when in a crazed frenzy brought on by my realization and loathing of my own procrastination, they get wrapped with much the same skill as your average thumb amputee.

The trip to Best Buy brought some good ideas. Only one purchase, which in spite of the season, was for myself. I think another trip to Amazon is in order, though. I will say that the Murphy's Law Corollary that deals with in-store help? It was in full effect. I can't usually sling a handful of gravel in Best Buy without some dude in a blue shirt pestering me. But when you actually want to find out if something is still in print? Good friggin' luck.

And that handful of gravel-slinging is muchly why I have to do my shopping online these days.


I'd like to break the monotony of my weekend life recap by listing, in order from most to least favorite, the Golden Girls:

1.) Dorothy Zbornak
2.) Rose Nyland
3.) Blanche Devereaux
4.) Sofia Petrillo

I would like to note that coming in fourth is by no means a damnation of the character of Sofia, or her portrayal by the late Estelle Getty. It's just how the cards fell, in this particular instance.

Now, if they were fighting, I think I'd take Sofia over them all.


Spent the evening at my folks' watching the slobberknocker between Tennessee and LSU go down. I had no rooting interest in particular. I just like a hard-hitting football game. And that was a hard-hitting game. Or, as Jim Ross would say, a Slobberknocker.

I have little else to say about the football game. I just like saying the word Slobberknocker.

Your mission for tomorrow is to work the word "Slobberknocker" into your every day conversation.


Took the morning to take in my Best Buy purchase, Bender's Big Score.

Let me take a minute to say that Futurama got dicked. At the time of its cancellation, it was head and shoulders above both The Simpsons and Family Guys being produced at the same time. More consistently funny. And episode-to-episode, a great percentage of the show stands up to multiple viewings far better than either show.

And frankly, Fox's track record for keeping the consistently funny shows on the air? They're batting something like .077. There's a Family Guy joke about it, but it would kinda derail my whole argument by bringng it up.

Bender's Big Score though? I liked it. Not their best effort (there's too much of a Family Guy influence to make the offhand reference, and then show you the punchline, instead of letting you work for it), but definitely a welcome return...


The rest of the weekend? More football. With beer. At The Fox and Hound down in Chattamanooga. With the brother-in-law.

Made plans to wander down to Chattanooga early next week, as the Bijou is showing A Christmas Story on the big screen. Trying to find out if there are advance ticket sales. I've probably seen the movie just about as many times as I've seen any other flick, but I've never caught it on the big screen. Owing to that I was, like, 6 when it came out.

My buddy Steven saw it, on the big screen. But he's several months older than I am.

Speaking of Steven, he's giving Blogging another shot. The Acme of Foolishness is up and running again. Go give Steven a visit. His favorite Golden Girl is Rose Nylund. Don't hold it against him.


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