Monday, December 03, 2007

Evolution/Revolution, part Deux....

Evolution/Revolution, part Deux...

Continuing the meme found here....

It was the summer of 2003 that I started getting links from other blogs. It was in that time that I first started watching a webcounter, and the first time I started putting comments on my blog.

This all coincided with a three month or so period in 2003, where I found myself unencumbered by employment. I was jobless. I'd left one job, and for about three months didn't have a job that lasted much more than a few days. I think I probably post more from July to October of 2003 than at any other point in my blogocareer.

I can't put exact dates on these things, but there a couple groups I joined online during that time.

The first was the Rocky Top Brigade, which is now defunct, I believe (Somebody correct me, please, if I'm wrong.) It was a grouping of Tennessee bloggers, and as a Tennessee blogger, I joined up. It was in that group that I started reading blogs like Danielle's, Barry's, Uncle's and eventually Eric's. I was a member in decent standing, and participated in the RTB's Tailgate parties from time to time. Over time, I think the group got a little too unwieldy. I wasn't participating so much in group functions a year or so later. Like I said, I think the group's pretty much defunct, outside of a banner here or there. (Again, correct me if I'm wrong....)

I also found a lot of readers coming from Chicago Cubs fansites. I'm a big Cubs fan, and was heartened to find others who shared my point of view with the team--a skeptical sort of Charlie Brown optimism...we'd seen a lot of bad Cubs teams, and wanted them to do better. It was through my unofficial affiliation with the "Cub Nation" or "Cubs Blog Army" that I met up with such guys as the Uncouth Sloth, who's posting here, from time to time.

Anyway, here's a post that illustrates all three of those points, as I worked part time with the first, talked Cubs with the second, and was par tof the Rocky Top Brigade with the third....

Hey, Jerky! Look at these sites!

First, I'd like to call attention to the Tennessee Overhill, dedicated to the preservation of the artistic and cultural heritage of Southeast Tennessee. My friends Diane and Shyam work there. We helped each other out this week (they by paying me money, and me by toting heavy things).

But they do good work over there.

Secondly, I got a couple of nice comments from Let's Play Two, a Cubs blog. The proprietor said this site was funny, which means he's either easily amused or terribly bored. Just the same, his site's a good read, especially if you're a Cub fan.

And lastly (but not leastly), in the new additions to the Rocky Top Brigade, I saw Straight White Guy. A funny site with a little commentary out of the right wing. He caught my eye, because he blogs out of Etowah, which is in McMinn County, which is where I was born. Etowah (which, coincidentally, is where Tennessee Overhill finds its headquarters), is a fine, fine town. Lots of old storefronts.

Although Roadway trucks will damn near run a feller over in Etowah, if he's not careful.

It's 10:26. The Cubs are leading the Braves 2-0 in the sixth.


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