Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Funeral Dirge

The Funeral Dirge

To some? Wistful. And, I grant you, were I not hearing it multiple times a day at a place I tend to spend 29 hours a day at, I might feel the same. As it is, it sounds like the theme song to Tommy's Irritated Christmas.

So, I'll back off somewhat on my stance. I still fill like it's something that the Grim Reaper would play at his house this time of the year, but it would probably be really, really creepy to play at a funeral.

(Note to self, change the will, nix the Pipers playing "Amazing Grace" a'la Spock's funeral...I want "Christmastime is Here" sung at my funeral. Perhaps by Leonard Nimoy, if he's still kicking....).

That said, I give you this. It is another personal favorite:


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