Friday, November 30, 2007

One more....

One More....

This one's a personal favorite. I was told it by a little one-armed man who drove a delivery truck.

A man buys a brand new motorcycle. Before he leaves the dealership, the dealer tells him to rub Vaseline on the bike, if it looks like rain. It'll keep the motorcycle looking like new.

That night, the man takes his girlfriend to her parents' house on the new bike. Before they go in the house, she says "There's one rule: Don't talk during dinner. The person who talks during dinner has to do the dishes!"

The man thinks it odd, but then he goes into the house, and sees dishes stacked to the ceiling, in every room of the house. He wisely decides that he's not going to speak a word during dinner.

The family sits to eat. The man has a couple too many drinks, and he starts getting a little touchy-feely with his girlfriend. When nobody says a word, he gets bolder, and starts making out with her. Again, nobody says a word. Emboldened, he throws her up on the table, and has his way with her right there.

Nobody says a word.

A little while later, he starts looking at the girlfriend's mom. He starts getting touchy-feely with her. Nobody says a word. He throws her up on the table and has his way with her. Nobody says a thing.

He gets a few more drinks in him. Turns to look out the window, and sees rain drops starting to fall.

Remembering the dealer's advice, he stands up, pulls a jar of vaseline out of his pants pocket.

And the girl's father stands up and screams "Alright! Alright! I'll do the fucking dishes!"


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