Monday, January 28, 2008

Dear WWE

Dear WWE

Hello World Wrestling Entertainment. I hope you're well. Did you have a good Christmas?

I just wanted to drop a line, mostly in reference to your Royal Rumble pay per view.

I don't want to bitch.

But I wasn't a big fan of Hulk Hogan the first time around.

This John Cena/Superman bit? It was tiresome two years ago.

It's just about insulting, now. Yeah, it was a surprise when he came out to participate in the match. But when he did, it was a foregone conclusion as to the winner of the Rumble would be.

Gonna re-think my whole decision to try to attend Wrestlemania 24 this year. I have to wonder if a main event between my two least favorite wrestlers in the company is really worth it.

Especially when you were teasing Cena/Triple H....

And while I'm on the subject of the Rumble? What's the deal with The Miz or Bob Holly or Snitsky getting double digit minutes in the Rumble, but Shelton Benjamin, who gets espoused by announcers, wrestlers and fans as A Favorite to Watch gets 45 seconds?

Also? Why is it so much to ask to have Ric Flair A.) Not Curtain Jerk, and B.) Actually win a match in a convincing fashion, using the skills that still make him a better worker than half the rsoter, instead of making every match a win from what seems to be something akin to dumb luck?

That one there's especially insulting, when it seems like Randy Orton gets a clean win in every match.

Still, it wasn't all bad.

I thought the Jericho/JBL feud is going nicely.

I'm digging Edge's run as Champ over on Smackdown. Easily the best heel in the WWE since Kurt Angle's 2000/2001 heel run. And while I bitch about clean finishes, the Edge/Misterio ending actually matches the character perfectly.

And the Piper/Snuka thing in the rumble? Despite the fact that they suddenly seemed very, very old (especially Snuka...), I dug that. Very much.

Anyway. This wasn't your best effort, WWE, and this is after four or five years of not giving your best effort. Kinda makes me wonder, sometimes, if the good does outweigh the bad....

Have a good day, WWE.

Big Stupid Tommy


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