Thursday, January 24, 2008

Maybe it's the beer talking...

Maybe it's the beer talking...

Now, there were beers tonight. A couple. Somebody else paid, which is cool and a half.


All these spiders? They gotta go.

I know they think they have rights.


No Rights for Arachnids.

And this is how we stumble upon The Greastest Band Name of All Fuckin' Time.

I wonder if the makers of Sam Adams Cherry Wheat knew what he was doing when he invented that particular nectar of the gods?

I bet he did.

Those guys are geniuses.

I close this somewhat inebriated blog entry by saying that I will fight every last one of you people, and I will win at least half the fights.

Maybe less, considering just how long it took me to correct the word "The."

Maybe I won't win the fights. But, by God, you'll know I've been there.....


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