Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Worst Celebrity Roommate

Worst Celebrity Roommate

Today, I wonder who the worst celebrity roommate would be.

Would it be Robin Williams, for all the constantly-on, in-your-face trying to entertain you? Plus, he'd steal your jokes.

Would it be Paris Hilton, for all the dumbness and the parties?

Or Tom Cruise, for all the Scientology?

At the end of the day, I gotta think that the worst celebrity to have as a roommate would be Wesley Snipes. Because I tend to think that he believes that he can do all that shit he does on the movies. And I don't want to have to constantly deal with Wesley throwing me into far-eastern submission holds.

Honorable mention would probably go to Vince Vaughn. I think he seems like he'd be a pretty cool guy to hang around with. But I don't think he'd do his share of the cleaning, and that guy looks like he could stink the hell out of a bathroom. And that's my job.

Don't want the competition.


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