Saturday, February 02, 2008

Soup or Bowl

Soup or Bowl

Here's my sticky situation with making a pick in the Super Bowl? Played in a pick'em league this year. Came in fourth, and would have done better except for two things:

1.) Weeks 2 and 7 were particularly horrid for me. It's like I decided to pick losers instead of winners. I ended up those weeks with something like 4/16 games right....very, very sad, especially when the rest of the year (and the last few weeks of the season in particular) I was running a very respectable 13/ and 14/ out of 16 week to week. But those two weeks (and a mediocre start) were enough to knock me out of the final running.

2.) The other thing? The New York Giants. I was right about the Giants in their games only 6 times. I probably missed their outcomes more often than any other team. Basically, if I picked them to win, they'd lose. And if I picked them to lose, they'd win. I will say that most of my correct picks for them came toward the end of the year, when even Ray Charles would have seen how hot there they were. If he were alive. And a footbal fan.

So, there's a little trepidation in my pick for tomorrow night's game.

But I'm not so arrogant as to believe me picks actually have anything to do with the final outcome of the games.

That only works for baseball, when I say anything about the Cubs.

So, Tommy's pick?

Patriots 34, Giants 16.

I feel like the two week layoff hurts the Giants' momentum. Plus, the Patriots pick a couple off Eli, especially late in the game, and pretty much kill his confidence....


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