Tuesday, January 29, 2008



Here in a few minutes, your old pal Tommy takes the Jeopardy online test. Maybe later tonight, there's a post talking about trying out for this crazy little game show, and the ends of the country I've traveled to.

At least this way, I can test for Jeopardy in my underpants.

Which is really kinda creepy, since I'm currently blogging from my folks' house.

They fed me pizza.

Update: Well, the test just took me a few minutes. There were 50 questions. Of those, I figure I knew between 35-40 for sure. There were another 8-10 that I made educated guesses on. There were four or five that I took a shot at (I suck at questions on Art and Architecture...)

And I blanked complete on 1 question.

The answer was The Namesake.

My brain kept saying "Harold and Kumar Go to India...."

I couldn't type that in quickly enough. I wish I could, if only to give some intern reading answers a laugh.

Anyway, good performance on that test isn't a guarantee of an audition. They pick at random anybody who pools over a certain amount, I believe, and who's picked a certain locale for the next step in the audition process. My first choice was Savannah, GA....

Anyway. Later tonight, I'll tell of a couple trips to take the Jeopardy test. One of which nearly resulted in the death of yours, truly.

Honest to God.


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