Thursday, February 07, 2008



The blogger formerly located at Uncouth Sloth stated that when he heard of Tornadoes and Tennessee whether things were hunky dory in this neck of the woods.

Tornadoes freak me out. There aren't many things in life that conjure up a gut-churning feeling of dread like a tornado. My mind can't fathom what such a thing's like. It's like the ultimate display that nature is the dominant beast in the jungle. Random. Unforgiving. When I get stressed, really really stressed, I have nightmares about tornadoes.

So, I was acutely aware of weather conditions Wednesday morning, despite my beer and wing fueled stomach issues.

The storms that ripped through Arkansas (pronounciated Ar Kansas to my mind) and west Tennessee wandered this way right about the time I went to work yesterday morning. It was windy driving down, but we made it inside before the rain started.

It wasn't until a half hour later that hell wandered up the highway. It's been a little while since I've seen a storm like that one. When the panes of glass at the front of the store began to wobble in and out, I sent word to department heads that if push came to shove, make sure we could get to the coolers. The last thing I wanted was for my big ass to go flying through the sky, with the only elegy for me the fateful words of Bertha Maye Bigguns, who festooned in a Larry the Cable Guy t-shirt, with a Doral Light 100 hanging from her lips would tell CNN that the tornaduh that ripped through Cleveland, the one that hurled me into the heaves "sount like a train..."

But, no tornadoes. At least in my neck of the woods. South side of the county had a funnel cloud sighted, but no damage.

So, not much in my neck of the woods. Wind, rain. All that jazz. But no Big Stupid Tommy screaming towards the heavens...


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