Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A touch of Link Love

A touch of Link Love...

Steve Silver is the source (for me, leastways) of a couple really cool things.

The first? STeve brings the news that Sean Salisbury is no longer working for ESPN. And while I can't exactly believe that this signals a turn for the better for ESPN....Salisbury was a cog, but not the engine of ESPN's does my heart good to know that I won't happen across his goofy mug any time soon, should I tune into SportCenter by mistake.

Also, can I just say this? Sean Salisbury calls himself "A Brand..." A brand? Like Scott, or Cottonelle? They're both asswipes, too.

He says he's looking into public speaking....folks, if you're paying to see Sean Salisbury speak, why don't you just give me the $30 bucks, and beat you about the head and shoulders a few times while telling you Pollack jokes. It'll be about the same return on your money, and I could use it more than Salisbury could.


Mr. Silver's also responsible for pointing me to this bit of utter genius:

Garfield Minus Garfield. Complete, utter genius. The comic strip Garfield, minus Garfield, becomes astoundingly funny. Laughed myself hoarse....

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.


Let me link to Steven's site again. Because he's a pretty cool dude.


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