Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Spread the Virus

Spread the Virus

This is one of the songs my work plays over its in-store radio. I don't know popular music. Don't listen to it regularly. That's not to say there's not interesting or creative music out there, and that I'm not excited when I hear it. It's more to say that there's a lot of crap out there on radio.

Especially the local radio here in East Tennessee. Is it in Tennessee's constitution that you can't have a radio station unless you have every Steve Miller CD in your library? What's that about?

I listen to my XM 99% of the time, when I listen to my radio. There's a lot of good stuff there, but there's an equal amount of crap. I tend to find music retroactively, based on recommendations, more often than not. As an example, I recently hit upon The Damned, thanks to Henry Rollins at his recently Knoxville speaking engagement....

Anyway...the only other real exposure to music i have on a day to day basis is through my store's in store radio.

Generally, this is music designed to make you happy, yet make you slow down slightly , so that you'll buy more.

If you listen to it for eight or nine (or 12 or 13) hours a day, I'm fairly sure there's a good chance that you'll contract brain cancer...or maybe spina bifida, or a really bad case of the runs....

But, it's all poppy, catchy (kitschy?) junk that gets stuck in your head.

I've wanted to hunt down artists for getting junk stuck in my head. Paul McCartney and that "Everybody's gonna dance tonight" song? That was trapped in my head for weeks.

There's a remake of "Don't Dream It's Over" that some chick's singing, and it's bad for it, too.

Thank God for Google, is all I gotta say. Because my co-workers musical knowledge is as bad (if not worse) than mine. I'll ask somebody "who sings this?" and they'll shrug.

Those people are no help.

But if I can manage to remember a snippet of a lyric (or even find the wherewithal to write such a thing down), Google will let me know what pop item I've missed out on....

Tonight, it's this one. It's been in my head for two days. Now, I hope it is in yours.


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