Tuesday, February 26, 2008



I've said something to this effect before, but I have a feeling my fifteen minutes of fame will come when I am photographed in conjunction with some historic event, not because of my involvement, but rather by the most horrible coincidence.

I don't know what that event will be. Could it be an assassination? Maybe I'll be somewhere in frame in a Jack Ruby/Lee Harvey Oswald confrontation. Or, maybe it'll be more Forrest Gump-like: I'll be in frame at the first swearing-in of a woman president. Or maybe I'll be in the stands as some ballplayer celebrates some momentous occasion....

But regardless of the event, I'll be remembered because of something I'm doing in the picture. Something ridiculous.

In the picture of Alex Rodriguez passing Barry Bonds on the all time homer list, I'll be in the stands, eating a ridiculously sized cone of cotton candy.

Or, in during of the signing of the treaty that finally ends the Cola Wars, I'll be in the foreground, with the remains of the milkshake I had at lunch all over my crotch.

Or, Astronauts return from Mars, and I'm there clapping, and my fly is down, and I've run out of clean underwear that day.

I don't know what the circumstances will be. But, I have no doubt that's where my everlasting fame will come from.

Kinda like this guy.


Yeah. Hadn't even thought of that. That would be bad, too.


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