Sunday, April 13, 2008

A look back at the weekend

A look back at the weekend...

Well...what went on with Tommy's weekend?

It started well enough. Hit our first Lookouts game of the season. The Looks won on some good batwork, though they exhibited the same problems of the Lookouts of the last few seasons (and the Reds of today)...sloppy defense and even sloppier baserunning. They ran themselves out of innings twice. That kind of stupid will fit in well with Dusty Baker up there in Cincy. Still, they put the bat on the ball pretty consistently, this outing, and managed to slug their way to victory.

Wandered out to lunch Friday with Eric, from Straight White Guy. There, we both ran across our first fellow named "Catlin" that either of us had met in our lives. Despite his apologies that it was early in his Applebee's career, he did us both well. We both consumed a hog's pile of food.

And the rest of the weekend?

There was work, work and more work.

I've said it before that if you should ever have opportunity to take part in a grocery inventory...indeed, a retail inventory of any kind, I'd skip it. It is during these times that I call into question whether or not I'm speaking English.

One of my favorite sayings is this one: Do not write to be understood...write so that you are not misunderstood. I like that one...and I think it can be extended to communications verbal.

However, I can't tell you how many times these past 36 hours I explained something to somebody, had them explain it back to me correctly, and then had them do it incorrectly. Sometimes I wonder if there is a disconnect between the hands and brains of those I work with.

Or I wonder if my life is simply the focus of a Truman Show/Candid Camera hybrid...and here in a few months, just after I've beaten somebody to death when they can't figure out what I mean when I say "fill the milk case" they'll reveal that it's all been an experiment, and I was 12 minutes away from walking away with 50 million dollars, and a life time of celebrity.....

Anyway. I-Day is tomorrow. Then we move on toward vacation. Where I get to sleep my ass off.

That's right. Sleep. My. Ass. Off.


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