Friday, April 11, 2008

Tech Knowledge, G

Tech Knowledge, G

There's a doin's a-transpirin'.


Luckily, Tennessee is several feet long, and by my reckoning, those storms won't reach us until 2011. By which time Bill will have his orbiting laser platform flying and functional, and we'll have nothing to fear from these "storms."

Or, as I like to call them: Nature's Cowardly Assholes.

Y'all think on it.

Also: it bugs me when somebody says "I'm gonna take a piss" and I say "don't take one of mine!" and they don't get it. Because I don't have time to explain to them that my pisses are valuable, and that it's what I use instead of gasoline in my truck.

Like everything I say is some manner of gobbledygook.

That ratio is rising, I grant you, like the floodwaters of distant, wild West Tennessee. But there is a grain of truth to everything I say.

Except for that last sentence. So much bullshit I had to punch myself in the eye.


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