Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Dorktivity: Best of this decade?

Best of this decade?

This was a topic of discussion today, and I'd like to hear a few more comments from my sevens of readers.

If you had to make a top 5 or a top 10 list for Best movies of the current decade, what would be there?

For arguments sake, let's say anything from 2000 to the present day. Gives you 8 and a half years to play with.

My top 10 (keeping in mind I'll probably think of something, or get reminded of something later, and have to add it in....):

1. No Country For Old Men
2. Pan's Labyrinth
3. Fellowship of the Ring
4. Memento
5. Amelie
6. Kill Bill
7. The Departed
8. The Incredibles
9. Batman Begins
10. Unbreakable

A few comments: No Country for Old Men has crept its way toward the top of my favorite movies.

Pan's Labyrinth is just a great, creepy, beautiful movie.

My list seems to be populated by superhero movies.

Amelie just makes me feel like life's okay.

I counted both Kill Bill's as one movie, since I tend to re-watch them both in one sitting.

Unbreakable? There's just a theme there that I really dig.

Return of the King and Two Towers are both high up on my list, but just missed the cut in my little dorktivity.

Curious as to your thoughts, muchachos and muchachas...


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