Saturday, May 03, 2008



Seems we have some manner of horse race going on today up at Churchill Downs. It is a continuing disappointment that not one of the multi-millionaire horse trainers who read this blogamathing have named a horse after it.

How thrilling would it be to hear that they're coming down the back stretch, and Big Stupid Tommy is leading the most important horse race of the year?

Because the purpose of this page is to help, though, rather than hinder and criticize, I would now like to take the time to suggest a few other horse names for all you big shots to use, when training the next Kentucky Derby Champion...

1. Farting Weasel
2. Farting Bear
3. Farting Hippo
4. Hippo Lips
5. Eternal Craphead
6. Malo Bano
7. Pickled Evil
8. Drunken POTUS
9. Call Me Turdus
10. Gladiator Smith
11. Google Boobs
12. Chili Stains
13. Drink the KoolAid
14. Joe Morgan's Ego
15. Melanie Hutsell's Revenge
16. Multi Tasking Clown
17. The Ubiquitous Gunny
18. Farting Gunny
19. Fatal Purple Nurple
20. Scattered Damnations
21. Stegosaurus Bad
22. Zombie Horsey
23. Grimlock's Tiny Arms
24. Queer Ass Cowboy Hat
25. Grichel Says Larry
26. Sean Salibury
27. Clubbering Takes Four
28. Santa Has The Clap
29. Blubber Tree
30. He's Dead Jim
31. Sampley Diarrhea
32. Tiny Anorexia
33. Chicken Kenny


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