Thursday, May 22, 2008

Flem Snopes and the Irony of Southern Justice

Flem Snopes and the Irony of Southern Justice

'twere a quiet day in Yoknapatawpha...

Your old pal Tommy's tireder than shit. Closed the store Tuesday night. Wandered in at 7:15 Wednesday morning. All in hopes of eating calzone, drinking a beer and seeing Shooter Jennings in concert.

Maybe not the best way to start a middle of the night post, since he did get to do all those things. But not before Wearing his ass out for 11 hours. Again.

And the irritating part? He feels like he spent most of it stopping and starting...ultimately accomplishing 20 minutes of work in 11 hours.

You know, if I'd spent any part of it sitting on my ass, there'd be an explanation for all that was left undone. But I spent it running like a madman.

Spending a little time trying to figure out if there is a scheduling problem, or if I just need to admit to myself that I'm a slowass sumbitch who needs to pick the pace up a touch.

Anyway. Saw Shooter Jennings tonight. Rockin....Loud. Haven't come home with my ears ringing in a little while. So, got that going for me. Shooter's been a favorite act for a while. Good to see him live...he ran a couple hours on his set, give or take.

If you have the opportunity...I recommend it.

Also, my sister used my shirt to cough into...the wet, tuberculitic cough more of a man whose spent 20 years sleeping out in the wilderness than a 27 year old woman.

Damn that was funny.

Maybe you had to be there.


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