Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Life, in general

Life, in general

Very little posting. Truth be told, if I did post, it'd be little more lately than seventeen paragraphs worth of the word "fuck."

Why seventeen?

Because that word applies. Muchly.

Not eighteen though. Definitely not. You don't want to go ass over teakettle with such things.

Nah. There's busy, and there's also the probability that the blog would become a Blahg.

Pardon me while I stuff all that singular wit back into my blogging pants.

So, little posting. Trying to get my ass back into the groove. (I wrote that backwards, and had to laugh at the idea of getting the groove back into my ass, if only because were I to wake up with no groove in my ass, my underwear would have simply no place to go).

Eh. Work's a bit much, here lately. Asking for a day off to make up for the multiple six day weeks has proven to be an improbability. And since it costs the same to drive for a half day as it does for a full day (which, in my case, is roughly the equivalent of the gross domestic product of Guinea Bissau), I'll just take my chances with a full day and get my money's worth.

Other than work? Eh. I wander here and there. I do stuff. I sneezed and farted in front of my parents' dogs, and they treated me like I was the most exciting thing to wander down the pike since dried pigs ears.

Did take a couple hours out on my day off to go shoot some pool (badly) with Eric, of Straight White Guy fame. We talked of blogging, and pizza, and life in general. We also braved several games of 8-ball in this ridiculous early summer heat. Honestly. 94 degrees and swampy on the ninth of June?

Leaves me sweating Crisco onto Eric's garage floor.

We talked of bloggers, and who they are. How most that we've met have turned out to be pretty decent people to hang out with....an eclectic bunch, to be sure. It's usually a pretty cool experience to finally meet the person behind the computer screen. (Usually...had one questionable experience...but she treats her dogs well, so she's probably not a complete loon...)

We did take a minute what it is exactly that we do here. Is it art? Is it a means to communicate? Given my tendency toward shit humor, it'd have to say it's somewhere in the middle of the two. Five and a half years ago, I started this little blogamathing to get my ass in gear to write something. To get myself in the habit of writing something daily. Well, once again, it's gonna have to do that. I've found myself a month or so past having written anything really substantial. Blaming work, but fully cognizant of where the blame truly lies.

Anyway. Gonna do my best to get my ass in gear to write something truly witty for your bemusement. Just keep in mind that it's a lot of ass, and there are only 24 hours in the day.

Stupid 24-hour day.


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