Wednesday, May 28, 2008



Wandering through Fark as I watch the Cubs...saw the headline that a Pittsburgh area sports personality was removed from the air for commenting that Ted Kennedy should live long enough to be assassinated...

Sometimes my personal tendency toward schadenfreude surprises me. "I hope it's Mark Madden," I said...


See, Madden was a wrestling guy, too. Still is, I guess, though I don't wander the dirt sheets like I once did. Even had a spot in the WCW announce crew for a while (a spot that led to Ernest "The Cat" Miller's finest moment, when he stopped Nitro for a very important announcement: 'Mark Madden...I hate your fat ass....'). My dislike for the guy stems mostly from the same place my dislike for Sean Salisbury, Chris Berman or Stephen A. Smith.

The guy's an obnoxious, ignorant prick who has his place largely because the person who yells the loudest in this world is believed to have the most passion.

Yours truly, believes that if Madden has a passion for anything, it's yelling, and not sports.

(My own status as a big fat guy keeps me from saying he's got a passion for Pan Pizzas.)

(Damn, Pan Pizzas are good).


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