Monday, June 16, 2008

A Logistical Question about Field of Dreams

A Logistical Question about Field of Dreams

Okay, so I sat to watch Field of Dreams this weekend, because I apparently needed to cry about a movie, and I got to wondering about something.

Say Shoeless Joe launches a shot out of the field, and into the corn.

Who gets the ball?

Shoeless Joe, Ed Ciccote, Chuck Gandill and friends fade into nothingness whenever they wander too far into the corn, merging back with the ether of the afterlife, one would assume. We know that they can't leave the boundaries of the ballfield, lest they lose the magic of their time on the field.

Do the baseballs likewise fade into the ether, thusly making them retrievable by the spirits?

Or do one of the living, breathing people have to get up off the bleachers, where they're busy making a three-person wave and choking on hot dogs, traipse across 300 feet of baseball legends and burning hot Iowa sun and find the baseball amongst the corn?

I like baseball, too. And seeing Shoeless Joe and Mel Ott and all the legends of yesteryear might be neat.

But I walk a lot over the course of a week, and don't want to have to spend my day off wandering the corn to find baseballs.

I say all that, because I just don't know if I'd feel comfortable telling Thulsa Doom his own self to get up off his ass to go get baseballs.

Just wondering.


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