Friday, November 07, 2008

As Big As a Hat....

As Big As A Hat...

I'm thinking Bob and Tom, but it may be another national program, is putting out a joke that people are looking for on a fairly regular basis, now....Once or twice a week, I'll wake up to find 30-40 google searches for "big as a hat..."

It's notable because I average 70-90 hits a day, and these bump me healthily back up into triple digits. So, Thanks for stopping by!

Anyway...after a quick search, I'm finding that I just have the punchline listed on the blog, in a post three years back on my favorite punchlines, but not the joke itself. And because the number of people who have been searching for information on Tommy Lee's private parts have eased up of late, I feel more inclined to oblige these fine folks on their search.

So, without further's the joke, as I heard it back in the day....

A man walks into a bar. It's been a while, so he's looking to find a little action. After a few beers, he gets up courage to start talking to the women in the bar, but he as little success. He's shot down time after time.

After several more beers, he sidles up to one of the bar's regulars. They begin chatting. She's matching him beer for beer, and she's making him laugh between drags of her Marlboro 100's.

Happy with his success, and emboldened by the alcohol, he says to the lady "You know, I'm kinda lonely. The conversation's nice, but I'd kinda like a little pussy..."

She takes a swig of her beer, and a drag off her smoke. "You know," she says, "so would I. Mine's as big as a hat..."

I should mention this: This is not exactly how I heard the joke when Randy Pearcy told it to me in the Outer Limits comic shop in Murfreesboro....his version ends "so would I....mine's as big as a washbasin..."

I think I like Randy's version better.

Edit, at 3:13 AM....I now see that Bob and Tom are calling their 2008 Compilation album "As Big As A Hat."

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle....

Yo Joe.


Blogger Rollo said...

Knowing is half the battle... and the other half is VIOLENCE!!!

12:18 AM  

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