Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pro Bowl....

Pro Bowl

Gotta say that I dig the NFL's plans to move the Pro Bowl not only to the mainland, but to the weekend between the Conference Championships and the Super Bowl...

I've said for years that just about the only way that Major League Baseball outpaced the NFL in terms of marketing an event was the way they marketed the All-Star Game.

I think the NFL's got a chance to change the Pro-Bowl from something sadly anti-climactic, into the cannonfire, opening event of a week's worth of Championship festivities.

Not a huge thing, necessarily. But, at this point, do you really give a shit about the Pro Bowl? At the very least, the Pro-Bowl's been an opportunity lost, in terms of revenue. I certainly think more people will watch the game, if not care exactly, if you were to play it in that week between.

I dig the move, though I've always been able to figure where the WWE's Royal Rumble will fit, as Vince has seemingly tried to position one of his signature events in the lull between the Championships and the Super Bowl. Most likely in the same spot.

Again, I'm just not sure too many people dig the Pro Bowl....


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