Saturday, June 06, 2009

Chapter MMMCIII: In which Tommy sees the Willie

Chapter MMMCIII: In which Tommy sees the Willie

Wandered down to Chattaboogie last night to see Willie Nelson headline the first night of the Riverbend get-together. It was a good show, enjoyable, with the weather for the first weekend in June probably the nicest I can recall in years. There is a joke that God knows when Riverbend is scheduled, and that's when he decides to plug the heat in. But I don't know that it got above 80 for the day, and around the time Willie played, we were hovering in the mid 60's.

His set wasn't much different from the last time I saw pretty close to the same venue...he played Bellsouth Park with Bob Dylan. AT&T Field (formerly Bellsouth Park) sat over my left shoulder, at Ross's Landing. The crowd seemed pretty subdued.

Though I want to take a second to take issue with the fact that it seemed like half the crowd decided to leave in the middle of Willie's set. I recognize that Riverbend's kind of a community get together, and that a lot of people come more to people watch or to be people that get watched. But still, it seemed like leaving a ballgame in the fifth inning.

How do you leave before Willie sings On the Road Again?

Or did you come to see the shitty cover band named after a shitty beer butcher AC/DC and Guns n' Roses songs? (Though I had images of Slash & Axl being at Riverbend, independently, for no reason and with no knowledge of the other, hearing that craptastic rendition of Sweet Child of Mine, and making up and reforming on the third stage at Riverbend......)


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