Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Netflix Movie Reviews....

Netflix Movie Reviews....

Just a couple of my movie reviews from Netflix....

Lord of War (3 stars)

Before you watch this movie, let me ask: Just how much Nicholas Cage voiceover do you need in your life? If your answer is "Loads, sir," then this is the movie for you. It's not bad. Funny, in a dark kinda way. At times, channeled a real "Three Kings" vibe. But in the end, it was over-long, and featured entirely too much Nicholas Cage.

Hamlet 2 (3 stars)

Steve Coogan would be this generation's Ben Stiller, if this generation didn't already have one. I wanted to like this flick, and everything surrounding his performance, be it the co-stars or the writing itself, clicked reasonably well enough for me. Steve Coogan's performance manages to suck all the funny out of the movie, though. Again, very Ben Stilleresque. Awkward and self-effacing does not always equal funny.

Californication, Season 1 (4 stars)

You want to know what I'm tired of? Shows and movies with kids who have their acts more together than the adults. The little Addams family looking chick who plays David Duchovny's and Natascha McElhone's daughter is simply the latest example of kids who don't get to be kids because their parents are muddling through extended childhoods. It's annoying, it's hackneyed, and though I should draw comfort that there are adults (even fictional ones) who are in much the same developmental boat I am, I instead find myself threatened by the lack of idiocy in these children.

So, instead of enjoying their performances, I lash out at the fact that she and her band poop on one the best Cheap Trick song ever. Other than that, the show is fun. Pamela Adlon & Evan Handler are hilarious. The writing is sharp. It's different than 99% of what's out there. On the whole, this is perhaps the most enjoyable of David Duchovny's cries for help....

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