Saturday, September 26, 2009

Things I have seen, this Saturday...

Things I have seen, this Saturday....

Well, we've got another daylong bout of thundershowers wandering through my corner of the state. The flood started somewhere around 10 this morning, and continues now, nearly four hours later. A few things I have seen as I wandered out and about running a couple of errands:

  • A By-God Snapping Turtle, out in the middle of a five-lane highway. Which I'd take for more normal, were it a little more toward the edges of town. But this foot-long Godzilla in a shell was in the middle of the passing lane in the middle of Athens, on the highway right in front of the Papa John's. It's a little swampy back behind that shopping center, so that most likely explains it. Still, it gave a little pause. I drove back by there twenty minutes later, and didn't see any crushed snapping turtle remains on the either made its journey across Decatur Pike successfully, or it rained enough to wash its mortal remains toward the four corners of the Earth.
  • An asshole in a Toyota Tundra with Georgia plates, who had been weaving in and out of deluge-slowed interstate traffic between Athens and Riceville, rethink this driving strategy after hydroplaning over onto the shoulder. He regained control in what was probably a good bit of driving, to tell the truth. He did remain in the right hand lane, puttering along at a safer 55 miles an hour, or so, until I made it to the Riceville exit. I find that my wishes of death upon other drivers are little more than feints by my subconscious. It is probably true, as well, that I don't want anybody to die in a fire, despite my wishes whenever I hear political talk on the television/radio/internet of any form, lately. That won't keep me from thinking it, though.
  • A man walking up Cedar Springs Road, in the downpour, eating an apple. He seemed pretty at peace with the whole thing. I can't discount that he was some form of deity.


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