Saturday, January 09, 2010

Chapter MMMCC: Shemp < Curly

If I understand things correctly, this is post #3200 in the annals of that wonderment that is the Blog called Big Stupid Tommy (if you knew how many times it took me to type that correctly, you'd be close to guessing just how many Magic Hat Winter Seasonals I've taken in).

All I have to say is this: There are three major personality types in America, today.

We have Moe.

We have Larry.

We have Curly.

There is a fourth type. But Shemps are in prison.

Thank you, and Good Evening.


Blogger Snotty Dog said...

3 Stooges Marathon was on the other day. Laughed my ass off! Never liked Shemp too much though.

11:22 AM  
Blogger Snotty Dog said...

So Tommy.., I was scrolling down your page comments and read "fall of the RTB 2 years ago might be the problem with posts slacking off, etc."

I was part of that group even though I live in VA. Beach with blogs: Mind Warp, Max's Mind Warp, Max Riffster, and Max Riffster's Mind Warp, and now of Snotty Dog Dribbles. I was part of the RTB because I'm formally a long time Tennessee resident having grown up in Bristol, Kingsport, Church Hill, & Blountville.

I blame twitter, myspace and facebook for the drop off in blogging. What are your thoughts on the subject? What happened 2 years ago with the RTB anyway?

11:49 AM  

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