Friday, January 29, 2010


So, I work this afternoon. I slept a healthy nine hours (an endeavour I highly recommend for the great many of you, considering I woke up this morning feeling very much like a superhero...honestly, I'd say this is what Superman feels like when he wakes up in the morning, minus the having to pee like a racehorse).

I sat down and wrote for a couple of hours, and then said "I think I'd like to watch a movie, as I clean up a little around Casa de Big Stupid Tommy."

The nice people at Netflix sent me the flick Sugar, and I go to pop it into the DVD player, and the DVD player will not power up. Several incoherent grunts after first pushing the power button, the eject button, any button that will push (indeed, even in my own throes of dismay, I enjoy pushing buttons). I get nada.

It is plugged in to the same surge-protecting powerstrip my TeeVee is plugged into. My TeeVee works. It had informed me of the impending snowpocalypse later this afternoon. Changing plugs on the strip does not work. My TeeVee continues to tell me about the snowpocaylpse, even after plugging it into the port my DVD player was plugged into. My DVD player, I fear, is dead.

Troublesome, since the second disc of The Survivor Series Anthology is still lodged inside.

Any recommendations before I pry the thing apart to get my disc out, and then use this lovely piece of shite for target practice?


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