Monday, February 01, 2010

Thoughts on a Monday Afternoon

Hello, and welcome to February. My name is Tommy, and I enjoy wearing pants, and other pieces of clothing. This is simply a rambling post, and I invite you to wander with me....

Not much on my mind. I've wandered through a rare couple of days without obligation, and let me tell you that it does wonders for the disposition, at the very least, and very likely much for the soul.

My little corner of Southeast Tennessee has fought its way through Snowpocalypse 2010. The final results? Five inches of snow, which, believe it or not, managed to stick around longer than 5 hours. It may not sound like much, but it's enough to turn Southeast Tennessee into the south's home for the criminally retarded. The last day of work, which resulted in the top business day in more than a decade for my store, went relatively smoothly (with the exception of once incident, where yours truly was cursed....I'd say it's probably not wise to expound upon such things here, suffice it to say the way you treat retail and service staff is generally the best reflector of the type of person you are at heart).

Roads were an issue, and I'll say that my drive home, some 30 miles, was slow, but uneventful, aside from one What-the-Fuck-is-That moment where the lights on a road grader being used to shove snow to one side of the road made absolutely no sense to me as I approached it up Highway 11.

I didn't crap my pants. I call the day a win.

Not much to report on Saturday, minus the successful acquisition of Indian food on Saturday night. If you're having a rough day, I very much recommend a steaming plate of lamb korma.

Sunday saw a trip down into Atlanta. I figured I needed to go scream my head off at a wrestling event. There are a couple of pictures I took that I'll put up, as soon as I can remember where I've left my file transfer cable. I think one will speak volumes as to why the WWE needs to put their cart behind C.M. Punk to pull them into the next half a decade or so. The man, ostensibly a heel, had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand. The man's maybe the best heel the company's seen since Macho Man or Piper in their heydays.

One other minor revelation: I do not need a Dave & Buster's anywhere near me. It's like Showbiz pizza for grownups. Substitute beer for the animitronic singers, and suddenly, you've got a 6'4" goofball going ticket crazy. I'd blow my paycheck trying to win a flexible piano and hire Robert Loggia to play Chopsticks. I didn't see him on the wall, but I'm fairly sure you can hire Robert Loggia, with enough skeeball tickets.

The first Monday of February was spent wandering around changing services for cable and arranging new payment of bills. I've changed my cable so that the only service I receive is the internet. I figure that between work and Netflix, I'm watching all of 3 hours of teevee a week. And the vast majority of what I watch on TV, I can get off the internet or DVD down the road. I'm cancelling TiVo, too. As much as I dig the service, the above statement still applies.

I do this in full recognition that Lost starts again tomorrow. It's one that I can catch online. Sometimes, I miss stuff online, but I can't see paying the 54 bucks or so I'm saving a month just for Lost. Considering I'll be able to pick up the DVDs around Christmas for around half that.

Just restructuring a few finances here and there. Biggest reason is that I'd like to take a vacation or two this year. I've talked with a couple fellow bloggers about meeting up across the mid-west, and out on the west coast. I'd like to hit a couple different baseball stadiums this year, put some faces with names that I've read for years (and years, in a couple of cases...). Just feel like I'd rather pay for that stuff than pay for television I'm not watching (or fast foot that's only making it hard to fit into a decent-sized pair of pants...still doing well with the no-fast food, last night's post Rumble trip to Mickey D's aside).

Anyway. Not much else on my mind. Just putting some words on paper to get them out of my head.

Y'all take it easy.


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