Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Holiday Road

Well, I decided to pop in National Lampoon's Vacation into the old DVD player this past weekend, to have on for background noise more than anything. Neat enough flick. Was surprised to realize just how much they said the word "fuck." Dunno why it surprised me, though my buddy Justin may have hit the nail on the head: when I see and have seen the movie over the past few years, it's edited for television. So, when Clark tells his family that they're all fucked in the head, and that they'll have so much fucking fun they'll be whistling zippidy doo dah out of their assholes, I was somewhat surprised.

There is a trade-off, though, in getting to hear all that delicious swearing and, of course, seeing Beverly D'Angelo's boobs.

You get to walk around the next three days with Lindsey Buckingham's "Holiday Road" stuck in your head. This is a particularly bad earbug. It's catchy, and there are only a handful of words to the song. Seriously, it's one verse, with the first line of the song repeated a handful of times throughout.

This song is a tough one to beat. I think it's grafted itself onto my DNA. At least, that's how I think it's communicating with me. It's not like I'm hearing voices saying "I am in charge." It's more like, Holiday Road and I are now one symbiotic being. I still eat, sleep and pee like a racehorse, but I also spread the virus, as people do not know I am a carrier. I'm a Trojan Horse, I guess. You think I'm safe, a gift from the gods (it's alright...I know you've long felt his way about me). But, leave me untended, and little people will jump out of me, and burn your city to the ground.

Wait...that silly metaphor disturbed me a little too much. Now I am afraid I am simply a bus for little destructive me.

Let me back up and say: Hi. I am the Typhoid Mary of earbugs.

Hear. This is for you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The national news media is a pitiful, sorrowful thing. Times Square is less than an hour away from me and while I am thrilled that the bomb didn't actually detonate, I say let's move on and address the stuff that is happening now, not dwell on the stuff that could have happened but didn't, because right now I give a shit more about what's happening there (by you) than what is not happening anymore here.

9:59 AM  

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