Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Yankees

Got out of work last night in time to listen to the eighth and ninth inning of the Twins/Yankees game. And I was hit with a disturbing realization, just as the last out was made. This all comes on the same day as Tony Gwynn's revelation that he's fighting cancer. And I cannot put aside the notion that the two events are connected.

And looking back over history, there are a few startling parallels:

October 1996: Lance Armstrong is diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer. The Yankees win their first World Series of the decade.

May 1998: Phil Hartman is found dead at his home, just as the Yankees are beginning a steamroll toward a 114 win season.

October 2000: Rodney Anoa'i (aka Yokozuna) dies during a tour of England. It is believed by some that the arachnaphobic wrestling champion died of a heart attack, after finding a spider in his hotel room. This can be neither confirmed nor denied by this reporter, though I can tell you this: The third ring of Hell is inhabited by spider, snakes and the New York Yankees. (The third ring of Hell is called on play-by-play by John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman).

Just something to chew on, this Sunday morning...


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