Sunday, May 08, 2011


Looked up, earlier today. Realized that we were 8 days into the 5th month of 2011.

It's not been fun. Not to mince words. It's not been horrible. It's just been a lot of work. A ridiculous lot of work.

We were short a manager, for one reason or another, a goodly part of the year. And since then, there've been projects that have kept me or a body or two from my staff wandering East Tennessee.

It's been a shitload of 6 day weeks, and an even bigger wheelbarrow full of 12 hour days.

Add to that a 45 minute commute.

I know I'm whining.

I'm just worn out.

Between work, and helping to clean up a friend's tornado damage last weekend, I feel like I've been going nonstop for 3 weeks. (I feel that way, because I have).

Taking a couple days break. Wandered out to celebrate Mother's Day today with Mom, Dad and the Sister, who's 17 days or so shy of a year's anniversary of being a Mom herself.

2011's not been my favorite. Could be worse. I get that. I just don't necessarily dig devoting 60 to 70 hours a week to it, every week.

Leaves very little time for me to go be my normally awesome self.

Very little time.

Things are looking up, though. Getting past the project this week.

And your old pal Tommy bid on a promotion!

And, if nothing else, there's a vacation here in a couple of weeks....


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