Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Price is Right

Writer Ken Levine runs a fine blog detailing his career out in the Entertainment Industry, among other things. This post is a little different, as it details his daughter's experience during a taping of The Price is Right.  She wasn't a contestant, but her view from the cheap seats made me laugh a bit:

I don't know if it was the psychedelic set, the allure of winning a trampoline, or what, but as soon as I sat in that metal folding chair, I went from mumbling “I hate this” to screaming “PICK THE KAYAK!” in sixty-seconds flat.
The Price is Right still makes me think of days spent home sick from school.

And also of a year or so working third shift, when I would make The Price is Right the equivalent of Late Night.  After Price went off, I'd wander to bed.

I still want to spin that big wheel.  Just once.

You don't try to precision spin.

Just spin for all you're worth.

Boop Boop.


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